Omg my last graphic almost has 1k notes..„,how„„„,zzzzx😴😴😴😴

sorry for the lack of posting :((( school is getting so stressful w college applications etc and i’m making an art portfolio so I want to finish that, before I make anything else for here I miss it im struggling :/// :?///!!

Q: I love all your art! On what platform do you do these and what gets you inspired? :^)

Omg thank you so much :’) I make all of them on adobe illustrator! it honestly depends. sometimes I just play around with different shape tools OR there’s times when I make designs based on mood which leads to the color, and I also get inspired by my favorite graphic artists. I really love to focus on scenery as well, (oceans, mountains, cities etc) I really love abstract/unique things!

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